I am Certain

  1. I am certain that when you hit a child that child will find someone else to hit, and so on. When you attempt or succeed at violating a child’s sense of safety, that child will make up a belief that the only world that it is possible to survive in, is an unsafe one.
  2. I am certain that a right or left arm cannot hold, contain or shape the will of the people of this country – or any other country for that matter.
  3. I am certain that no single religious denomination has a corner on defining what a God may or may not be.
  4. I am certain that atheist may be wrong and it is certain that all philosophies should admit to their own inherent inconsistencies.
  5. I am certain that no definition of reality contains the definition of everyones definition of reality.
  6. I am certain that offensive violence will create defensive violence and that defensive violence will usually create violence too.
  7. I am certain that all the people of this world do not believe in, or want the same things.
  8. I am certain that there is no universally held ideal about right and wrong – there is only love and fear.
  9. I am certain that what one should love or fear is not universally agreed upon, and an agreement on these two ideas will never happen unless everyone changes their minds about love and fear at the same time.
  10. I am certain that all rules are changeable, breakable, and malleable. I am certain that certainties change all the time.
  11. I am certain that your reality is your reality and only has a superficial resemblance to mine.
  12. I am certain that there is no true death – only life in various stages of transformation.
  13. I am certain that I see things as I see them, and that I am uncertain about the entirety of what it is I see – and I can live and prosper and be good within the context of that irony.
  14. I am certain that when someone cedes control of their beliefs to a leader, an institution, or a faith – that those who are in control of the institution or the faith will sometimes use those individuals’ beliefs – not in service to the individuals’ beliefs, but to the furtherance of their own personal agendas.
  15. I am certain that the conclusions of science, philosophy, and religion are largely reactive.
  16. I am certain that all of the above is just my opinion – an opinion garnered through my own personal experience which is itself colored by the limitations of my thinking.

10 responses to “I am Certain

  1. renaissanceguy

    So are you a nihilist, or what? I can’t get a handle on what you really believe.

    I agree with #1, #2, and #6.

    I agree that #3 is probably true but allow for the slim possibility that some denomination might have it 100% correct, even if it’s not mine.

    I agree with #4 and appreciate the honesty it invovles.

    I don’t agree with #5 as written. Reality, if there is such a thing, is easy to define. I think you mean that people have different perceptions of it–not different definitions. Oh, and I think reality does exist. It’s pretty silly to deny it as I type on my keyboard and stare at my monitor.

    I can’t agree with #7. My observation and reading convince me that, when it comes to the things that matter most, we all want pretty much the same things and believe the same things. We want to express ourselves, to be loved and understood and apprecaited, to have a family and friends, to have some assurance that our basic needs will be met. Those are just a few of the things that everyone wants.

    I don’t understand #8. Do you mean ideals rather than ideal? I don’t think there can be such a thing as a single ideal of right and wrong (unless we are talking about God or natural law or some other foundational moral base).

    I think #9 is true. It seems to be true.

    I think #10 is has some truth in it. I have to disagree that “certainties change all the time.” Our list of what we hold to be certainties changes, but the certainties themselves could change and be certainties (unless the certainty is inherently transitory).

    I cannot at all support #11. It is a misuse of the word reality to talk about “my reality” and “your reality”. Our perspectives can be different, our knowledge and experience can be different, but we cannot have different realities. Otherwise there is no such thing as reality, which is a different issue altogether.

    I agree with #12 but probably see it slightly differently from you.

    I agree with #13 and live by it.

    I agree with #14, although I think it occasionally happens differently.

    I agree with #15 to an extent.

    I agree slightly with #16. I’m not sure that “opinion” and “certainty” are in the same category or class. I have lots of opinions which I am not nearly certain of, and a very few certainties which are much firmer than my own opinions. (In fact sharing those certainties with other people makes me think that they are more than just opinions.)

  2. i envy your relationship with certainty.

  3. ello dame – of certainties I have plenty and of them I am willing to change my mind…even if I have to change it with kicking and screaming…but it’s worth that…to learn I mean…

    and on the other hand, a private joke just for you – has the sound of one hand clapping changed now that you have to use the other hand… 🙂


  4. RG – So you agree or slightly agree with 12 of the above points – does that make you 3/4 of a nihilist….? mmmmmm…..

    Do the 4 points you don’t agree with make me a nihilist? mmmmm….

  5. It would be interesting to do this list again in a year and see if your certainties are the same.

  6. Hello Anthony – the title “I am Certain” is entirely tongue in cheek – oh hell it is also a bit of me sticking my tongue out at those people who have question the sincerity of my “uncertainty” .

    So I did a flip…now was it a back flip, a forward flip – or did I just flip out…you be the judge…cause you will be anyway… 🙂


  7. hola poetmeister, and you made me laugh.

    i long ago learned the value of suffering amputation, non-physical, of course.

    and i still stand behind the firm stance that appendages are highly overrated.

    but playing the spoons is a bitch.

  8. In the pissing, pee-pee fuck world of the potent working down the list of the potent in order to say what “I like” and “what I don’t like” through the media, it reminds me of the fashion runways of the annual designer roll-out. The analysts talk about what will be IN this year and what will not. Then the Hollywood ladies (and they are potent to be sure) start rolling their bodies into public view and the same analysts (and they are most certainly potent – are they not?) tell the world who has good taste and who does not. Who was mistaken in their interpretation of what was supposed to be beauty and who got it right, in the form of the most designer vogue attire. Oh, and then occassionally two end up being seen at the same time in the same dress. What a terrible mistake, for then the potent anyalysts will snap a photo, publish a guide to who was not really so potent anymore compared to the other (even when she had the same good taste as her peer), just not did not get out there soon enough, correctly enough or without the right underlying form to be acknowledged for looking great enough in it…

    And. the others, who failed to get their viewpoint into play in time before the potent babes revelaed their values (their tastes (and other “persona: atrtributtes”), now weigh in with their viewpoints and rules why they agree with for whom and what and where they do not. Who is sharp and who is sharper. And. who just doesn’t cut it.

    Why care?

    When is it okay to acknowledge when one amongst us TAKES A STAND and then has enough HUMILITY to say in the not so fine print, right there on par with the rest of HIS STAND, that all of the above is just his OWN OPINION garnered from his OWN LIFE EXPERIENCE?

    How about when beauty and truth combine, when one speaks for many, when we can let go of the struggle to disagree with the OTHER view.

    It is my opinion that that is the time to quiet oneself and RECEIVE from the face we have not met who may just have slipped into God’s chamber or some other aspect of consiousness and relayed bit of his interaction there between his higher knowling self and the void. If otherwise unable to acknowlwdge the brave one taking a true stand to share WISDOM, effectively outing himself on a major piece of his own VALUES and AWARENESS, then either REMAIN SILENT or GIVE SOME PAUSE AND ACKNOLWEDGE WITH PRAISE THE RISK TAKER.

    If you have not understood this and are in reaction, reread and then sleep on it. In the morning (or during the dreamtime) you may have a change of heart.

    We live in a culture that is bereft, in its head and thinks it has to comment on everything. I am guilty of all these yet felt the words move to be shared.

    BRAVO BRAVE POETMAN! Don’t stop….

  9. renaissanceguy

    I wonder if you are a nihilist because you write about both being certain and about their being no certainties–as if neither option matters enough to take a stand on.

    I wonder if you are a nihilist because you don’t seem to be bothered by internal contradictions and inconsistencies.

  10. Michael, please my friend – write a little slower next time…

    RG – Nihilist indeed – why I oughta…smile….keep reading…RG.

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