Low road High road

Where is your lust of life…where is mine…is yours more or less…does it matter…?

The tumble down, the lips that quiver, my voice wanting to say to someone long ago…a back room someone – an older someone, “I am somebody; not a doll for your amusement – not a mass of muscle for you to flex towards a selfish entertainment – not a little boy to crush like one of your endless cigarettes; exhaled one after another, like insults spewed from the mouth of a maven…”

O men of faith and choir women singing biblical or koranic phrases; Buddhist chanting about nothingness; Hindi who have forgotten Gandhi – anyone who perpetrates dark fantasies and impulses which are inconsistent with their public proclamations about decency, alone or in private – you who spank and shape your children into pillars of submission – you who just can’t understand that there are other worlds of faith, far different than yours – that are in no way dependent on your understanding of them, for their survival.

Go ahead – insist on your world view…and now watch as your opinions gather sparks among your brethren and then flame into war after war of persecutions against “The Other”- bring popcorn and a long attention span for riots, melees and mayhem. Build your altars strong and insist to the last dying breath of your children, that your side shares no culpability for the actions of your enemies, for you are after all upstanding – and saving the veracity of your stance is worth watching the world burn.

I have no time for conversations that involve judging the flavor of a creed. If you want to talk – then let us talk about our respective dark impulses and what we want to change about ourselves…write about your own inequities – how you at times have failed to live up to your own values – your picture of a better you…living in a better sustainable reality…




3 responses to “Low road High road

  1. Good. An invitation that makes sense.

  2. mmmm, accountability, the forbidden fruit.

  3. Christian – I always appreciate a visit from you…you have an open invitation…anytime…the expensive cigars are on me…really!

    Dame – Is that an exact quote of Eve’s or are you paraphrasing again…

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