Ignorance is not Bliss…

So be careful what you sign onto…


5 responses to “Ignorance is not Bliss…

  1. I must admit, I probably would have signed the petition too, as my brain was only hearing monoxide and I associate that with carbon….lethal.
    WHO KNEW, there are so many names for water! List is compliments of WIKIPEDIA!
    Hydrogen oxide
    Hydrogen hydroxide
    Hydroxic acid
    Dihydrogen monoxide
    Hydroxyl acid
    Dihydrogen oxide
    Hydrohydroxic acid
    μ-Oxido dihydrogen
    Light Water

    Thank you!

  2. oh mommy, that scared me!

    reminds me of a grocery store episode with the tots — ‘hey mom, look at this stuff, smart water, let’s get some.’

    four bucks for how many ounces of water?? hmmm. me thinks i’d feel a little stupid after that purchase.

  3. Angela – Yikes…I don’t know what to say…I don’t know how much longer i can wait…I am…getting thirsty…but now I am not sure what water is anymore Thanks…I think… 🙂

    Dame – you can get the same water down the street – at Joe’s for a whole lot less…I mean, if it might be poison…why pay so much…?

  4. renaissanceguy

    Since I am often an antagonist here, I will admit that this woks equally for righwing causes and leftwing ones. Everyone needs to think before acting!

  5. RG – Precisely – and you rock on with what you call your antagonism – it’s all good…difference is a constant that hopefully has as a possibility something that can be notice as changeable…or something like that…

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