if it smells like fish…is it fishy?


at the mile high club i met miss fishy;
we talked, and i was impressed – and still
i did not join her sorority.

i after all was the fish that started
it all – a beginner at myth making
you can call me man.

like a fish with a wonky lung and heart
murmur i moved to a home on the shore
where my eyes immediately improved.

i soon got used to arms and legs and
began to think that fins were useless
and flimsy at love making.


when i grew a hand at the end of my
arm this was a revelation that i did not
need to take grief from anybody.

with my hands i separated myself from
the world, i found no use for things that
disturbed the serenity of my anarchy.

with fingers i articulated language and
divided myself into clans who invented
kings who then began to worry.

i wish i could wrap my fish mind around
a solution to the problem of kings, perhaps
an appeal to a higher authority…


naw, what am i thinking? i am a fish, a
product of many reactive perfections – still
i wonder what i might do next…


7 responses to “if it smells like fish…is it fishy?

  1. i trolled a few dozen thoughts on this one.

    but ultimately couldn’t get around wishing i were instead setting a perfectly three-stroked counted cast and watching the line lay down just right, and that tiny fly make its perfect little splash.

    thanks a lot, it’s too late for surface flies, and now i’ve got the fever.

  2. DaMe – trolls are good, I think one of my ancestors was a troll – well he drank a lot – so he was definitely a fish – otherwise remarkable…the stories I could tell, but then they would have to catch and gut me…

    So I write metaphoric poetry instead…I hope they don’t cast any where around here or they might hook me…again.

    Thanks Dame always a pleasure to read your wit…


  3. Keep swimming, avoid sharks. This poem is like a place where many different thoughts intersect but don’t necessarily reside. Cool.

  4. renaissanceguy

    Another winner, Poetman! Your poetry is brilliant like a diamond.

  5. gingatao – have you ever noticed that as soon as a concrete thought moves into a neighborhood, that the value of the wooden house there go down…I wonder why that is…

  6. “I am certain that when someone cedes control of their beliefs to a leader, an institution, or a faith – that those who are in control of the institution or the faith will sometimes use those individuals’ beliefs – not in service to the individuals’ beliefs, but to the furtherance of their own personal agendas.”

    Good stuff.

  7. JWT – Thanks for you visit – now you all come back now…hear

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