7 Poetman rules for Poetman

  1. Learn a systems rules so you can efficiently break them when necessary.
  2. All beliefs and all emotions can be distill into two easy to spot categories – Love and Fear.
  3. Being options oriented is far better than being procedural.
  4. No matter what – have and pursue your passions daily.
  5. Never internally obey a flawed authority.
  6. Loyalty is the key to friendship – blind loyalty is disaster.
  7. Pursue love adroitly.

5 responses to “7 Poetman rules for Poetman

  1. renaissanceguy

    Pretty good rules, Poetman. #7 is my favorite.

  2. i put them all on my ‘to do’ list. thanks, poetman.

  3. damE – By my informal count you have a few of my list laying about…but you never let me know if they eventually ever make it to your mirror or refrigerator… 🙂

    RG – “Pretty good” I guess I’ll have to try harder… be well…

  4. The fear God is the beginning of wisdom

  5. and what else – whose wisdom, and applied how?

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