Daily Thoughts

Ah, the rage of the convinced…Certainty is the bane of investigation…When one starts with the premise “I don’t know” so much more becomes learnable.


11 responses to “Daily Thoughts

  1. The point of a discussion is to discover the truth rather than prove it.

  2. renaissanceguy

    Are you convinced of that?

  3. I’ve a mantra I often use:
    ‘Im certain of only one thing. Nothing is certain.’
    And yes, I know it’s a contradiction.

  4. gingatao – I wish I could find more conversations such as you describe…

    RG – Yes – now sue me for irony…

    Anthony – your mantra sounds a little bit like “OM”


  5. My brain just exploded. This was fantastic.

  6. Actions speak louder than words. Ha’

  7. Krkbaker – somewhere somehow I am sure you will find a way to put it all back together and then until the next time you will be at peace…

    Gallicman – My dad use to say “Talk is cheap.” By the way you aren’t my dad are you…?

  8. Veronica Mitchell

    “Certainty is the bane of investigation”

    I’ve never found that idea persuasive. Certainty should be the GOAL of investigation. I am not going to use a surgeon who is not certain where my organs are.

  9. Thank you Veronica – I liked your comment…I am certain of that…

    ya got your micro certainties and ya got your macro certainties –

    This “Daily Thought” is meant to take aim at the macro certainties postulated by people of faith, dogmatic philosophers, and high school science majors…


  10. It was just a joke

  11. ok now I am laughing…kick start me next time…thanks

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