(apathy) Yours and Mine…

at the top or the bottom of the food chain – we are all
tied like bows around cakes – to the crumbs of our
yearnings – and so what

our minds apply faith or science theorems to mystically
challenged mayhems and shatter the awe and wonder we
use to have as children – and so what

9 o’clock and your sniffing t.v glue – head nodding cuz
you agree with so and so’s latest commentary and those
breast look good in the bra she’s selling  – and so what

the street in front of your house has more mechanical
energy than all of london circa 1580. and still you complain
your btu’s are not enough – and so what

followers and groupies walk behind flesh gods of herculean
proportions – a million little smiles hide teeth sharpened for
idols who fall forgotten – and so what


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