The Poem

there was a poem sunning itself on a beach somewhere on the
island of barbados. It was a famous poem so it was wearing
dark glasses and looking more fit than any poem should have
a right to look.

though the poem had affected a casual demeanor pretending
to be just another anonymous vacationer in from one side or
the other of america – it really was a hard body of words
screaming for attention.

a closer look at the poems trunks reveals that pinned there
was a medal the poem had received from a dean at some
backwater college in the mid-west for a poem of meritorious

from this accolade followed a grant, a chair and a fellowship
with a stipend to carry on its work filling in empty spaces in
marginal poetic dictionaries – but the poem wanted more than
to tidy mediocrity…

no one had invited the poem to disneyland – so the poem
went to barbados and after its seance at the beach it looked
at photos taken by its mom and dad, two people in the poem
who had no idea what

the poem meant.


8 responses to “The Poem

  1. hey 1poet4man,

    I liked this one alot…

    I didn’t know you did radio, I’d like to hear more about it… if you’ve a mind to share.

    hope all is well.


  2. renaissanceguy

    Wow! Astounding! Amazing!

    This one deserves to be famous. Truly.

  3. chrisfiore 5 – Thanks for the compliment. I hope this one makes me famous – I do so need a trip to Barbados…

    Yes I did radio about 6yrs ago – I absolutely loved it…I interviewed authors and poets. The name of my show was “Between words listen” – something I hope I am still doing today….I was small time on a local radio station in Marin County…

    RG – You know there is some kind of irony afoot – you being a person of faith and I being a skeptic – But you like my poetry – as do other people of faith – what is it about my poetry that is attractive to Christians?

    Thank you for the compliment and if I ever do become famous – well I am not making any promises, but I will…lets just see when the time comes…we’ll talk.


  4. This is excellent – clever and funny.

  5. Craftygreenpoet – Thanks…I needed that… 🙂

  6. Like your stuff lots. good work.

  7. Thank You Anthony – let me know if I ever fail to live up to my usual high standards – some times I am dull – like when I am sleeping…zzzzzzz.

  8. Hi 1poet4man ! I really liked your poem. I kind of write poems every now and then too (on my blog).

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