Daily Thoughts

10 Myths About Poverty

  1. The poor are solely at the effect of their own actions.
  2. The poor choose to be poor.
  3. Rich people acquiring wealth do not create poor people.
  4. There is equal opportunity and access to better choices for everybody.
  5. There is no social imperatives that keep people poor.
  6. Race is not a factor.
  7. Poor people can just get over it.
  8. No one wants to see poor people suffer.
  9. If poor people had better values they could contribute to the greater values of the larger society in which they live.
  10. It is not the place of society to interfere or socially engineer the free choice of the market place.

These are thoughts to create thinking pressure…


5 responses to “Daily Thoughts

  1. That they will always be with us. (at least I hope that’s a myth, perhaps it’s a self-fulfilling prophesy)

  2. renaissanceguy

    Thinking pressure, indeed. You know I’m going to comment. 🙂

    Some people end up poor through their own laziness or irresponsibility. I had a great-grandfather who gambled away large inheritence, for example. Many poor people end up poor through not fault of their own.

    Nobody chooses to be poor, but some choices lead to poverty.

    My becoming rich (I’m not by U.S. standards) would not necessarily cause somebody else to be poor. In fact, on the way to becoming wealthy I could provide a living for others. Bill Gates has done that many times over. Wealth is not some finite pool of money that we must divide. It is something created through ingenuity and industry. Now I will admit that I could become rich by making others poor, but that would be exploitation (possibly even theft) and it would be wrong.

    Opportunities in the United States are fairly equal, given our educational system. Some people are still at a disadvantage for lots of reasons, but I believe that most of them could still rise above their circumstances, despite how hard that is to do.

    Race is a big factor in the prevalence of poverty, but some individuals have proven that it is a factor that can be overcome. Some of my high school classmates were black and about as poor as could be, but they studied hard, got scholarships, and are doing pretty well economically.

  3. renaissanceguy

    I want to add that race is not inherently a factor in poverty. In some African countries there are wealthy people and poor people who are all black. To believe that non-white people are condemned to poverty solely because of their race is demeaning and despicable and racist.

    I think very few people want poor people to suffer. They might show by their inaction that they don’t care, but do you really think that there are many people out there who consciously, intentionally want poor people to suffer?

    Your #10 is hard to figure out. Who or what is society? How is it different from the marketplace? What does the word “free” mean if it describes something interfered with or engineered?

  4. 1. but usually not of their own causation
    2. i doubt a ridiculed child in second hand shoes would agree
    3. rich people acquiring wealth create wars
    4. ten scones for every two hundred hungry travelers
    5. only as much as there are no social imperatives to keep people in wealth
    6. and katrina was just a storm
    7. they’re too busy being under it
    8. so we avoid those neighborhoods
    9. if the larger society had better values, they would recognize real value
    10. no choice is free

  5. gingatao – they always have been – but will they always? I do not know.

    RG – I wrote this list for you – and others who I feel need to switch their referential perspectives …a bit more.

    Dame – You have turned my head…your #10 has me thinking…and I appreciate that…

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