Smoothing out what can’t be ironed…

when i bought the shirt it looked
nice on its hanger. i should have
taken a picture of it then, cuz
that was the last time it looked
so good.

after i washed it, magical wrinkles
formed stubborn creases all over its
surface, and now i might as well go
unshaven to my appointment with
a faith healer.


5 responses to “Smoothing out what can’t be ironed…

  1. Great leaps of mundane observation made mystifyingly fresh 🙂

  2. You’re welcome about me adding you into my blogroll. I enjoy reading your poems and thoughts. I hope I can learn from you.

  3. thank gods for steam and poly blends?

    no, wait, scratch that.

  4. renaissanceguy

    Great job, as usual.

  5. tomachfive – thanks for the visit and for jumping right in.

    Jimmy Ng – learning is the only worthy activity….and I am sure all of us are teachers for others…yes I am sure you will teach me…

    dAMe – when it gets steamy your either in love or in a car with too many people going fast and writing messages on the windows about those you have no wish to forget…

    RG – Its my job by default – cuz if I don’t do it no one else will…


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