Concrete Breeze

who        you           like              poetry

      knew       would      concrete

               next           time

                      tell me


               and            I will

       make          it           happen

I              do              this              easily  


a         ball                       now           hand

    goes                                    goes

up       down                   back          forth

                      how do you

                     feel about t

                   he in and th

                        e out – did I

                              mention tha

                            t I can’t stan

                        d concrete p

                     oetry – and t

                           his post is a

                             n example w



5 responses to “Concrete Breeze

  1. poseidonsmuse

    I adore the “in and the out.”

    Concrete is for wimps.

    Well crafted.

  2. me too

  3. Thanks X’s 2

  4. I love the way this piece is arranged, I’m really enjoying your site. You definately have a new reader here.

  5. deveil – Thanks for that – now come back – remember I need my readers like a child needs candy…


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