Two Z or Not to Z

What is worse then an agreement you have made
with yourself…and then broken…on a day that
you would not have expected you’d defy the
word you gave yourself the last time you
did what you do when you were feeling
lonely…nothing is worse than your
disappointment with yourself
when you could think of no
alternative to despair no
other worthwhile
action to make
then to
oath that you made to yourself the last time you were
alone – by yourself, feeling an old pity about some
long ago princess who forgot to transport you
with her kiss from a frog pond to the luxury
of being a prince on a balcony waiting for
her coach to come from her fathers
kingdom and marry you into an
even greater fortune then
the last one you gave up
when you forgot your
honor and acted
like a fool and
broke an
to be yourself, feeling what emerges when you are alone.


5 responses to “Two Z or Not to Z

  1. Being alone is lonely.
    Being alone with oneself,
    Opens up doors we keep closed,
    When, with others.
    Being alone is only temporary,
    Because a true Princess will always
    Find and kiss her frog,
    And then take her true prince
    Into her arms forever.
    Loneliness will then,
    Only be a distant memory
    From long ago,
    And far away.

    What a lovely, deep and sensitively written poem.

    It’s Z Best

  2. i have such
    insatiable urge
    to copy this on my
    bathroom mirror in the
    brightest ferrari red lipstick
    i can get my little hands on. fun!

  3. renaissanceguy

    Super poem. I like the way it peels back layers and goes right to the core of our thoughts and feelings.

  4. I love the form you used (the z’s)
    playing with the whole idea of what to ‘be’
    i love the vitality of it and the imagery
    your words flow well

  5. Dame – try to control yourself…count to 3 and then let it go.

    RG – Thank you for your comment – Concrete Poetry is not really my forte – I was experimenting…my next post will be the last time I use this form for a while…

    krkbaker – Thank you for your visit and your compliments, I don’t know if it is true for you as it is true for me – I am encouraged when I receive comments such as yours…

    Angela – What can I say other than I adore your comments…


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