10 Comments I am Waiting To Read

  1. Dear Poetman – Where the F have you been hiding all these years? I scarcely thought it would ever be possible that I would live long enough to read the poems of a reincarnated and wonderfully modernized Whitman. You Go – I’ll be back.
  2. Dear Poetman – I simply adore you…are you paying attention? I said I adore you – you are the living, breathing and writing embodiment of all the sacred poets – The worlds next Rumi, but better.
  3. Dear Poetman – I go to sleep at night with only one thought on my mind – is Poetman writing right now, will I wake up to another of his masterpieces, will I simply faint when I read his sublime and special musings? I can’t wait…
  4. Dear Poetman – I use to think I was a poet, after all I have written 4 books of poetry, appeared in numerous literary magazines – and I have all of my awards sewn into my pajamas, so that I even sleep with poetry, but now after reading your stuff I have developed a writers block the size of your ego. My question to you is, what can I learn from you that will make me half the writer you are?
  5. Dear Poetman – If I were not an atheist you would be my new god – I would print out your poems put them into envelopes, and place one on each desk in the Cambridge Library and wait for the moans of the unworthy poets there. And then I would sign them up into the only religion I can think of as being worthwhile – “Poetman Poetry”.
  6. Dear Poetman – I heard about you from my Professor of Philosophy – well, he told his whole class and I quote – “Sartre; nauseating – Nietzsche; not post modern enough – Spinoza; a guy needing glasses. But Poetman; a genius, read his Daily Thoughts.” Now that I am here, and I have read them, I only have one question – what can I do to serve you?
  7. Dear Poetman – I am helpless until I have read one of your poems. Each day I wonder if you are writing them especially for me (please say it’s so!). My friends say I am addicted to your site – that if I continue with my out of control behavior, they will stage an intervention. I can’t stand the idea of losing you Poetman, what should I do?
  8. Dear Poetman – If you only knew how much crappy poetry I have endured – fighting my way through useless metaphors and extracting myself from the quicksand of mindless prose to find you my new daily amour. I know it is not right to fantasize about a website and I don’t, it’s you I think about – I can’t get you out of my thoughts – but because life is so much like poetry you probably already have a girlfriend, so now I am contemplating a cheeseburger and getting a cat. Life is that unfair.
  9. Dear Poetman – Don’t tell my slam poetry friends that you read my comment here – because then I would have to have the large holes in my earlobes repaired and remove all of my tattoos and admit that my entire life has only been about posturing as a hip hep cat. I confess that the cooler I looked, the less I had to work at content, and now I see the errors of my ways. Where can I get a doll head, a robe and a crucifix like you have on your “About” page? Oh I am doing it again aren’t I? Dang…
  10. Dear Poetman – I am about to switch my major to creative writing but my Mom says writers don’t make any money – become lonely and withdrawn – and rarely if ever bathe. Is this true – are you poor, always sad and kind of stinky? Just curious…

10 responses to “10 Comments I am Waiting To Read

  1. renaissanceguy

    Dear Poetman,

    You’re a pretty good poet. I would even say that you are an excellent poet.

  2. poseidonsmuse

    I have been lurking in the shadows for some time now – having linked to you from Anthony North’s site.

    Your metaphors unhinge tiny gates within my cerebrum… Your poems are well-crafted and sublime.

    Your words have drawn both sparkles and tears from my eyes.

    Keep writing.

  3. I suspect that in the beginning you were happy just receiving any comments.
    Now you want to receive loooooooooong ones?
    You are an awesome poet . And I for one, absolutely love reading what you write daily.
    I had a few chuckles with this one.
    Thanks Poetman
    PS Was this long enough, or should I go on?…………………………..

  4. RG – You would? What would have to be the circumstance…

    poseidonsmuse – Thanks for coming out of the shadows and leaving a comment…

    Angela – Please…go on… 🙂

    Anthony – I am surprised at you…

  5. renaissanceguy

    If you bribe me. 🙂

    That subjunctive doesn’t quite make sense does it?

  6. Ha! #4 made me laugh.

  7. Thank you Alicia –

    See everybody! Poetman can be funny…and look, he is not as indifferent as a cat…WOW, too bad he ain’t furry.


  8. These are friggin hilarious. I love writers.

  9. Krkbaker – Thank you for your generous words…and for linking my site to yours…this means much…


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