Poetman Sins…

Poetman stands next to a mountain and tries only to be Poetman with no wish to be the mountain – being Poetman is mountain enough.

Poetman has read all the holy instruction books and has a pile of them crowding his office floor – and realizes that old wisdoms have only a partial relevancy to what is happening in the world today.

Poetman laughs at himself, at his folly for once believing in anything as an all time certainty, there are after all so many whys, wherefores, and becauses.

Poetman is content to live with the contradiction lists of 6 billion mostly lovely people, as long as they embrace their beliefs as something personal, cultural or geographical.

Poetman believes there was once a great nothing that became a great everything and wonders at the quirkiness of others who must define the original nothing as something that can be explained.

Poetman worries when minor minds escalate rhetoric into flames of high fury and excite even smaller minds to kill, or legislate against intelligence as a duty.

Poetman believes that the only devil that exists is “Anger” unchecked by anything resembling compassion for a different opinion.

Poetman is really just a guy who lives in a house at the edge of his own reality – probably like you – awed by the extraordinary.


7 responses to “Poetman Sins…

  1. renaissanceguy

    Only a partial relevancy?

    I think it is still very relvant to be kind and patient and humble. I think it is very relevant to see others as brothers and sisters who are equal under God. i think it is extremely relevant that we beat our swords into plowshares and our spears into pruning hooks.

    Those 6 billion people have fewer contradictions than sometimes think. We all want to be loved, and we know that we should love. We all want peace and know that it is right to make it. We all admire acts of heroism as we define them, which is mostly the same way. We all feel affection for our families, our communities, and our nations. We all want justice, and realize deep down that we should mete it out ourselves.

    Your thoughts today are very easy to come by and easy to say. Have you really thought through all of them intently?

    I would say that there are even worse devils than the anger you mention. How about the thirst for power or money above all things? How about the rage that motivates the rapist or the warped emotions that propel the child molester? How about the despair that drives depressed people to suicide? What about the tendency to become dependent on harmful substances that can ruin lifes and tear up families?

  2. My thoughts are never easily arrived at – and never easily written…the above is more or less a poem.


  3. renaissanceguy

    Okay. That helps. Seriously. If you are speaking in a poetic voice, then I realize it might not be “you” talking.

    My point about the thoughts being easily come by (or arrived at) is that the thoughts of the persona in the poem lack nuance and sound like somebody trying to sound philosophical without considering all the factors involved, a few of which I mentioned above.

  4. Here’s a certainty for you. In practically every society, in every culture, at every time, there will be someone writing something very similar.
    Another certainty: if you take the culture out of a religion, you end up with the same principles as the rest.
    I guess if we all realised that the different mind constructs we build are pretty much the same, the Anger would be gone. But what would we do then?

  5. Anthony – are you sure?

  6. Oooh, this poem sings my song. Thanks!

  7. Monte, thank you for coming to my blog and sharing a song with me…


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