Daily Thoughts

Thoughts are to be entertained and debated, not defeated and annihilated.

However, when your thoughts move into actions without an attendance to their consequences, unforeseen forces will gather steam enough to challenge how the limits of your thinking have threaten the thoughts of others.

And thus what will follow will be a war of ideas.


8 responses to “Daily Thoughts

  1. Paragraph 1 – completely concur.
    P 2 – indeed. We bloggers experience this, don’t we. I see it as a tremendous opportunity to examine my beliefs (yet again) to be sure I’m pleased to have them reside in my mind.
    P 3 – Hmmm…’a war’…you cause me to re-examine my notion of war.
    From my obvious, knee-jerk reaction, to allowing the idea its own wings can sometimes be a tumultuous journey.

  2. renaissanceguy

    Some thoughts should be defeated and annihilated. If a person has a thought of abusing a child or blowing up a hospital, I would certainly like to defeat his thought.

    I can’t tell if you are talking about “a war of ideas” or a war, in the literal sense, based on ideas, or both.

  3. Muse – Nice understanding of my metaphor for thought more or less equaling beliefs…

    RG – It is not the the thought of child abuse that abuses children – it is the action.

    It is not through the thought that one should be a Christian, that one becomes a Christian…

    It is someone acting like a Christian that makes them a Christian…I am sure it says somewhere, perhaps the bible, “Know them by their works”.

    Having written that, I would like to state that the above post mostly pertains to issues of religion, beliefs, politics, intellectuality, and philosophy.

    Here is a sweeping statement for you. All wars begin first as thoughts, build to ideologies or beliefs which culminate in bloodshed.

    This is an observation not a judgment.


  4. renaissanceguy

    I think you are right for distinguishing thoughts from actions, and for noting that thoughts lead to actions.

    If you are talking about philosophical or religious notions in your original premise, then I tend to agree with you. Too often we want to win an argument rather than learn from each other mutually. As you have seen, i tend to act that way.

    However, as you point out, thoughts can lead to bloodshed. So wouldn’t it be better to defeat negative thoughts in the early stages–before they reach that violent culmination? Some thoughts are plain wrong, according to common human decency, and I see no reason not to try to annihilate such thoughts.

  5. RG – First of all I would like to write – Thanks for staying in the game…although this is not a game…I just couldn’t think of a better metaphor…

    I am noting that though thoughts can lead to action, they in and of themselves are not actions…they are thoughts…

    When contemplating change – I contemplate all the change that I can contemplate…ALL the change I can contemplate…and then follows an editing process…

    As for how you “act” RG. I find you to be fairly level headed, I mean if you are coming to my site and commenting without vitriol you are already acting in a more accommodating manner than many other evangelicals might…and for that I say Bravo…

    I do not defeat my negative thoughts I “entertain them” I demand a performance from each as well…I put them through their paces…much like an audition…and then I choose to either act on them or eliminate them…perhaps that is the same as your idea of defeating them…


  6. There was a recent excellent storyline on Brit TV, on an otherwise popular programme. It involved a man who was discovering he had paedophile tendencies, his revulsion of them, and how he tried to get help to fight them.
    In the story, he never went on to abuse, although he never actually conquered them. Is this man a menace or a hero? Could he ever be trusted?
    I don’t think we can condemn a person for thoughts. But we would be forever wary of them turning to action.
    You’ve opened an excellent debate here, Poetman.

  7. renaissanceguy

    Poetman, thanks. Thanks for recognize my attempts to be open minded.

    One difficulty I have in reading your posts is that you think poetically. I can appreciate that way of thinking, but it doesn’t come as easily for me as it does for you. That is why I say that I used to attempt to write poetry but would never call myself a poet.

    Your use of “entertain” for example is very interesting to me. I think I hear what you are saying there.

  8. Anthony – Your question “Is this man a menace or a hero? Could he ever be trusted?” is very interesting and one not easily answered.

    I know my mind and all of my imaginings – particularly with regard to anger. Should I be avoided – mistrusted – or persecuted as a menace for having the thought “I wish____were dead….I don’t thinks so…by the way I have no problem with being wary of how certain threatening thoughts might transform themselves into actions.

    RG – My “Daily Thoughts” do stretch language a bit – but I do try (at least with my Daily Thoughts) to use it in a very specific manner…

    And I am trying to dig at something for myself and I hope for others…



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