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The bible, is a book so full of inconsistencies that it covers all of life’s contingencies… what else explains it exportation from a tiny bit of territory into every corner and every land…


7 responses to “Daily Thoughts

  1. Or….
    it could be
    a reflection
    of our human condition,
    most certainly fickle
    and full of predicaments,
    nothing new under the sun,
    powerful words inspired by a Creator
    containing the ultimate answers
    to all of life’s questions?

    I enjoy your site. It keeps me thinking. 😉

  2. As do your comments make me…Think


  3. veritasexnihilo

    Perhaps it is the case that reality itself is inconsistent. Meditate for a moment about the vast seperation between perception and knowledge, what you see, what you think you see, and what actually is. Often, I find, the mind has problems reconciling itself with a physical reality – cause and effect. Not to say things are absurd or illogical, but to say that everyday experience surpasses logic or understanding -a supralogical phenomena best illuminated, ironically, in the paradox of an all-powerful God who stands outside cause, effect, history, logic, and all other defining principles. Needless to say this is a topic which has eluded man since his beginnings – a worthy daily thought for sure. Keep up to good work!

  4. Hello veritasexnihilo,

    I love a mind like yours – a thoughtful thinker…Below I comment a bit out of context on some of your thoughts.

    I very much appreciate you stopping by and giving me your input.

    A “reality” is only inconsistent when it is compared to another “reality”

    There is no separation between perception and knowledge (“what you see, what you think you see”) are perceptual positions each with their own knowledge.

    There is no actual “Is”.

    “Often, I find, the mind has problems reconciling itself with a physical reality – cause and effect.” This is the problem of a Newtonian/Quantum collision.

    “Things” are absurd and illogical- still “things” seem to be useful.


  5. veritasexnihilo

    A wonderful objection, however, I must disagree, not out of logic or reasoning but out of a foundational difference. The major difference is that I believe there is an “Is” and that changes even the nature of the types of questions I pose or statements I hold to be true.

    The statement: “There is no ‘Is'” is an inherently allogical (outside, or above logic, not necessarily Illogical) statement, or foundational statement that must presuppose truthfulness. It’s an assumption no different than “There is an ‘Is'” – that is to say it is a belief that must come before logic, or proof in any case, because proof aims at knowing the ‘is’. As such, I can only disagree with this statement but never prove its falsehoods because to subject such a statement to the scruples of logic is to not take its ontological weight seriously. This is the movement of Descartes radical doubt. We believe the truthfulness of the statement “there is no is” precisely because we first assume doubt hence those things outside of logic’s validating power are dubious and cannot be believed. Hence we turn Aristotle’s axiomatic statement “there is an is” (for instance) into its negative counterparts “there is NO is” precisely because the ‘is’ is itself dubious.

    That being said, and I do apologize for my lack of brevity, your statement maintains a truthfulness that I cannot disavow, but I must protect the right of its opposite (there is an is) to equal truthfulness. Since both presuppose truthfulness they hold the same validation for picking one over the other – whether it be desire, experience, prior knowledge, or a taste for different types of poison. For me, Descartes assumption that a dubious thing cannot be true, is itself dubious – hence self-defeating, but that of course, is highly debatable.

    Being one who enjoys the usefulness of things I presuppose them to exist, rather than presuppose logic to understand any better than the heart or soul. Whether this is the best way to understand the world around me, is a question I bang my head against every day. Once again my apologies but I must say I will continue to comment as thoughtfully as I can so long as you keep posting as thoughtfully as you have been.


  6. veritasexnihilo – I did write that I was commenting on your comments, a bit out of context…so forgive me please 🙂

    Nice well thought out and generous reply by the way…

    As for “is”, I was responding to one of your thoughts –

    “Meditate for a moment about the vast seperation between perception and knowledge, what you see, what you think you see, and what actually is.”

    There does not seem to be a universally agreed upon “is” – there does seem to be as many ideas about “is” as there are people noticing what “is” – In other words “is” seems to depend on your perceptual position.

    So maybe we agree – there is an “is” but it is very likely thought of differently by either of us.

    “Is” that clear…I hope it “is” because all this writing about what “is” is making me dizzy. 🙂

  7. renaissanceguy

    Many folks, me included, would say that the popularity of the Bible has more to do with how it has changed us for the better.

    Does it also cover all contingencies? In broad terms, I would say yes, but not in the way that you mean. i think it is applicable to any situation we face as human beings. It’s true that we Bible believers are sometimes guilty of wrenching a Bible text into what we want it to say–what is convenient for us. But that says lots more about us than about the Bible itself.

    The longer I live, and the more I study the Bible, the fewere inconsistencies I detect. And the ones I detect are less and less significant in light of the overarching consistency.

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