People and or sites I Like…sometimes or always…

The Dame – because she puts it on the line…her feelings I mean… and she has taught me a great deal – Matters of Little Consequence

Jordan Stempleman – Because he knows a good cigar, can carry on a brilliant conversation and writes poetry that I do not always understand – Growing Nation

Poéfrika I do not know who this guy is but he makes me think, and I like that – lots of poetry links on his site as well.

Anthony North – this is a busy guy, I have no idea where he finds the time to create the content for his corner of the blogsphere – but he does – Beyond The Blog

Renaissance Guy has a site called Significant Pursuit – he for the most part is an Evangelical Christian – but for some reason, I still very much like him. Perhaps it is because he is earnest in his beliefs, oh and I almost forgot to mention – he likes my poetry…

The newest site added to my blogroll…drum roll please is Veritas Ex Nihilo – this is a ground floor oppourtunity folks – this site, last time I checked, had only 49 page views and if I had not gotten there first, you could have the first visitor to comment, but please content yourself to be the 2nd 3rd 4th or whatever…Big issues here is philosophy.

Sharp Iron is another Christian site but with a twist, go and see what I mean…the person that runs this site use to come to my site and comment from time to time…but I think I pissed him off with an agnostic commentary I made on his site…oh well, all in a days work I suppose.

advantages of mutual respect and fair play – Thoughts, some commentary, even- headedness (is that a word mmm), and poetry. (Stuff)

gingaTao! – lots of info about the writing craft – poems, thoughts and intelligence.

A Psych Tech’s Blog – Inside the Snakepit – cause I think he likes Baudelaire, wants to be some guy name Elliot Smith and professionally understands mental instability…

The 800lb Gorilla – well because they are, well how do I say this without hurting their feelings – Heavy…and beside that, I think these animals likes me…

Muse Editions – this guy comes around my site from time to time and leaves insightful comments – he does it on his site as well…imagine that…

Alice Neverending – this woman has got to be cool cause she writes in another language…can anyone tell me what that language is…Thanks.

YO-YO Philosopher – because she was the very first person to add my site to her blogroll and for that I am still grateful…


12 responses to “People and or sites I Like…sometimes or always…

  1. Thankyou, I’m flattered. I must find time to check out all these other interesting links, too.

    You are very welcome indeed…PM

  2. alice neverending here

    i write in romanian
    i don’ have time
    for translate my poems
    now i work at my book

    One day I would like to read your poems…perhaps sooner than later…PM

  3. poet,

    i am incredibly honored and humbled by your mention — thank you. you know that i hold tremendous respect for you and your work; so i’m really touched and flattered by your kind acknowledgment. and of course, i’ve learned a great deal from you as well.

    thank you, sir.



    Thank you Dame ….you are wonderful…PM

  4. renaissanceguy

    Thanks for the mention. You are a consummate gentleman. I shall return the favor in a day or two.

    Thank You RG…It is hard to be a gentleman…but I do try…I do try to not be trying…PM

  5. Hi Poetman,
    Thanks for mention. Much appreciated. Am checking out these sites.

    Hello, and I am noticing you commenting on their sites as well…Thats Great…PM

  6. You’re welcome. Sorry I haven’t come around much. I haven’t been around my own blog much but I’m back now.

    But That Can Change Now…PM

  7. While we’re not quite as honored or humbled as some we “animals” do appreciate the shout out.

    Gorilla Guys…I knew you wouldn’t be, but still you could at least try. Thanks for the link…PM

  8. Oh, and yeah. Feelings? What are they?

    …and who you calln’ heavy!

    It was not me…I can’t remember who…I am just the reporter with a grant of immunity…PM

  9. Thanks Poetman. I really appreciate the compliment. Please believe me, in no way did you ever piss me off! I don’t even remember being in disagreement with you, but that never pisses me off either. I have just been to selfishly busy to visit too many other sites. What a great way to become stagnant. Thank you for pointing me back in the right direction. And thanks for placing me in such august company. Can’t wait to check these folks out in more depth.

    A Dios

  10. Oh, you wayward Poet. Thanks for the linkshare, and for thinking me insightful. ‘Tis one of my greatest aspirations. I like your site because you are quirky, cranky, talented, and exhibit much wisdom. I learn from you. Will check out others in your esteemed community.

  11. “Oh” I am wayward eh, dang that makes me cranky… 🙂

    Thank you for the compliments…truly.


  12. Thank you, 1poet4man. I’m honoured to feature in this post.

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