A B C…is not as simple as…1 2 3

Cold twilight alphabets shiver in
bowls of shiny water splish splash;
eclectic – exotic – inedible.

Neat freak paper makers cut and elect
the jack-be-nimbles – the scribble bibbles
and then mandible cripple Emperors cloth.

Cranial cancer creators run rampant – like
clowns with thousands of faces and only one
thought between them – doom.

Diagnosis junkies dissect information,
cantilevering it against the weight of prudence,
distributing monkeys from back to back.

Tsunami-minded hate inclined statisticians
prepare diorama cities for life’s little Barbie’s
and convenience minded Kens.

Slip grip lips do the jumble mumble
orally fixated on the long and short of
stretching squares into O’s and explanations.

We have all been raised an army of
mockingbirds, drum bums chanting hieroglyphics;
ineffectual – unintelligent – non compos mentis.


6 responses to “A B C…is not as simple as…1 2 3

  1. renaissanceguy

    I do like your poetry, as you said. You and I have disagreed on some things, but I respect your enthusiasm and your seeking heart. And I love poetry–I don’t have to agree with what it says to appreciate the artfulness of it.

    This one is a real gem. It’s kind of Gerard Manley Hopkins meets the Beat Poets. I hope you know what I mean.

    This is a very mundane question, but how long did it take you to compose this poem? I’m curious as to whether those amazingly tricky word combinations just pour out, or if they require lots of hard labor.

    The last stanza rings very true to me. Although you might think otherwise, I hope to be something other than a mockingbird. I feel that you and I are both counter-cultural–just in different ways.

  2. RG

    Thank you for your intro comment,

    and your compliment, I think I know what you mean…maybe.

    RG the initial beginning of my poems takes maybe an hour to create. I write generally with very little self editing during that phase – but it is the re-write that takes the time and where the craft – if I can be said to have craft, takes the time… This one took about 4hrs from beginning to end. And as for tricky word combinations they do just pour out – but then need containing (again).

    The mockingbird to which I refer is more like a metaphor for all of us who at times speak or act from a default position…without asking ourselves – What do I really think?…What do I really want?


  3. renaissanceguy

    I understood the mockingbird metaphor.

    My reference to Gerard Manley Hopkins was in relation to his extensive use of aliteration and rhyme. My Beat Poet comment was about the very eccentric juxtapositionof images.

  4. RG – I knew you knew what I meant by “mockingbirds” I just wasn’t sure if any one else Knew…


  5. Worth the labor. Definitely worth the read. And, I must say, a piece I’m most eager to hear performed on stage. (I can’t contain my excitement. *grin*)

    Ingenious work.


  6. Thank You –

    And by the way it is always great to get a positive comment form some one who knows how to compose a poem, and it is clear that you do…


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