6 Pieces unworthy of comment…

Or did you just miss them…?mmmm!

Family Air

Today is…

What’s In A Man Shell…? 

Wind Without Words 

Do You Believe That Your Parents Loved You When You Were Born? 

13 Questions To Ask A Soldier? 


4 responses to “6 Pieces unworthy of comment…

  1. renaissanceguy

    I read them. They just didn’t provoke any reacton on my part. They were well written, as are most of your pieces here.

  2. When our breath is taken away,
    our fingers lose their agility

  3. my silence is a sort of reverence. there are just times i don’t feel right leaving something generic like, ‘wow, that was amazing’ although it’s not generic at all — it’s my genuine reaction. there’s a finality to a lot of your words that, for me, inspires a lot of quiet.

  4. RG: Thank You…

    Antoinette: Thank You for finding enough breath…too…be agile!

    Dame: You more then most know how hard this is – Thank you for your reverence…


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