Today Is

Like all days, or any one day, or maybe the romanticized “someday”!

I wish…fervently for…something outside, over there (is there an outside over there?). Maybe it (the wish) is up or down or left or right – or just up ahead through one more cloud poof of magical laughter.

Laughter. I always have, and will always have access to the center of humor (even when sad or lonely I’ll think – this feeling feels kinda funny…). Why it is in my belly (my laughter I mean) I do not know.

And while I am laughing it is always possible to have delight, and curiosity about you the reader or any other person sitting or standing across from me. I wonder all the time “what makes us, or causes us to do the things we do”. And me, what makes me think I know anything more then you…?

Who are you? Are you like me? How have you complicated yourself by your wishes? When will they come true? Will they come to fruition some “someday” far away in time from now? Will your wish(es) obliterate or enhance me?

Think of a wish as a matrix of various ores – gold, silver, and rock.

That’s right, rock. Wishes contain a lot of rock, particles of dense stubbornness – deep resentments to chip away at. To have your wishes come true you have to follow the clichés – “scratch the surface” and for the industrious “chip away at it”…or “dig deep”.

To do this you will need some tools…”tools you say”, yes tools…the kind that you will not find in a hardware store…the kind that you will not find watching endless reruns of your favorite (lower case) t.v. show…

Here are your tools:
Yes I’s.
You will need your eyes.
and then some Ayes.

Eyes: Two way inside and outside eyes that can be used for every sort of inquiry – even if you were born blind. You have them, everybody does.

I’s: The world is populated with billions of I’s. Some you will like and some you will despise. The inside “I” is you, and the outside “I’s” are the rest of the people here, lets call them “them”. When you fight “them” you are like a lower case (“i”) mad at the world. At times like that, it can feel like the uppercase “I’s” are all out to get you, but are they really. Ummm, I wonder if the are all just lower case (“i’s”) feeling as angry as you?

Ayes: = consent. The two most powerful words in any language are “YES” and “NO”. Everything begins and ends with these two words. Practice consent. Know when you are powerless and when you are powerful, when you can say yes, and when to say (know) no…


2 responses to “Today Is

  1. Wow…first this sent tingles down my spine, then my eyes teared up. So very well said/very beautifully put. Now get outta my head! haha! 😉

    Thank you – for sharing this as well as for the comment. 🙂

  2. Thank You
    I hope you return

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