Daily Thoughts

If you start any endeavor with perfection in mind – perfection will soon lead to procrastination, and procrastination will then lead to paralysis.

My Aunt calls this process “being undermined by the 3 P’s – perfection, procrastination, and paralysis”. She’ll ask me, “Poetman are you P-ing on yourself again? ”

Moral of todays thought: Don’t get in a pissing match with your self!


15 responses to “Daily Thoughts

  1. I never touch perfection. It’s been the vehicle of repression down the ages. The perfection of the Saint was unreachable, guaranteeing a superstitious population of ‘sinners’ to be kept under control through fear.
    The process is ‘social’ and never goes away. One of the latest expressions is the impossible ‘glamour’ of the supermodel, guaranteeing an underconfident population that spends, spends, spends to try to reach it.
    I’ll stick with my imperfect self.
    Mindst you, if society procrastinated enough about this abuse, society could soon find itself paralysed.

  2. i think i’ll put this on my fridge.

    tomorrow, maybe.

  3. renaissanceguy

    Thanks. I needed that. Now if only I can remember it.

    Maybe I’ll put it on my refrigerator, too.

  4. Pithy positive procedure, poetically put.
    I’m imagining your Aunt addressing you as “Poetman” and chuckling softly to myself.

  5. Anthony
    I touch perfection everyday. I find that change is not possible until I accept the world as it is…then I seem to have a starting place…somewhere to begin – changing.

    This is a reminder…about what? Oh you remember, something about a refrigerator.

    Here is something for your refrigerator…Today I will figure out how to link my comments on other peoples blogs back to my blog…Today I am worth that.

    Careful alliteration can be dangerous – in the wrong mouth (hands) …and that imagination of yours- it did happen that way, she did say “Poetman” how do you think I got my name? 🙂


  6. She must be an intriguing relative. I had one like that. Taking a break from dangerous alliteration today, but…will be back.

  7. don’t distract me, i’m trying to remember not to stop and think long enough to delay!

  8. mUSedITiON
    Thank you muse minding muscle movements meanings and meanderings…

    Sorry for the almost interruption…


  9. renaissanceguy

    Maybe you can tell me how. I thought it was automatic. 😦

  10. renaissanceguy

    This is a test comment to see if my name links to my blog now.

  11. renaissanceguy

    Sorry, Poetman. I’m trying to figure it out.

  12. renaissanceguy

    Here I am again. Using your blog as a sandbox. I hope it works this time.

  13. renaissanceguy

    It did. There’s hope for me yet!

  14. renaissanceguy
    See I told you, you were worth it…Now I wonder what else you can do?
    It’s a vast blog world and now you are more a part of it…

  15. renaissanceguy

    Thanks for the encouragement. I really, really like your blog. It is extremely interesting and inspiring.

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