It takes gravity to understand up down in or out…

I want to – really I do, but I can’t. I can’t make mountains out of iotas. (And although there are more nanos in the universe than an Einstein can count) – how many will fit on the head of a pin. Thomas Aquinas where are you when we really need you?

It won’t happen now, it can’t, an explanation I mean, stop trying – devote yourself to something important, be useful – carry a sign through a ghetto asking “Why Can’t God Walk Here? Do this at night.

It is not the universe that needs explaining, it’s your relationship to the way you need to argue, that needs appraising (how is it that you can get so angry explaining a blessed thing?). Besides you only have your words – your version of language, and your use of it is flimsy compared to the word heard at the beginning.

You are here (I hate to remind you); on a minor planet at the edge of a medium size galaxy. Here, we are like Newton’s apples falling out of Newton’s trees. Here it is all cause and effect – boy and girl children stating like theologians – “This is the cause?” – “This is the effect. Our understanding of “here” is limited and by consequence our understanding of anything outside of “here” is limited as well – so deal with it!

Out there, beyond the sky where angels relax, lounge and occasionally go on heavenly god missions – out beyond cumulus’s clouds – where gods, demi-gods and Olympians swim in melted milky ways – out there – ups and downs are barely even notions…

I chuckle. I laugh, and then I cry with (you know who you are) the micro-brained, the tiny intellectual, and the infinitesimal God makers…

Have. That’s what it is all about isn’t it – your need for territory – real estate; here, there and everywhere. You fear absence, loneliness, and exclusion, so you are setting up your retirement with an almighty; you are making sure the sheets in heaven will be clean  aren’t you? It will be a damn shame if any one unlike you lives next door – but your god wouldn’t do that to you, not after how hard you have worked…making such a mess of the worlds cultures – you as a counter exampler to reason – here on this little cause and effect planet we call earth.

Pretend that your God is like a one size fits all cleaning product, and that you’re one of Gods special agents – cleansing this planet of filth and scum.

Keep explaining.
Scribble volumes.
By all means blog.

Try and fill up “THE GREAT ENTIRETY” with the vastness of your emptiness. Take hold of your righteousness, what are a few ill-defined or un provable details when there are souls to save – (lost ones), look I think one just got away…


5 responses to “It takes gravity to understand up down in or out…

  1. I’ve come to the conclusion that we must understand things, or believe things, because we fear not doing so – and this makes us something.
    We are significant because we understand our insignificance.

  2. I love love love the lines: “how is it you can get so angry explaining a blessing thing?” and “Try and fill up THE GREAT ENTIRETY with the vastness of your emptiness.”

  3. Anthony,

    I once heard that humans are meaning makers – I have no problem with that as a (frame). My concern is that some “meaning makers” allow for so little of the meaning making of others…

    Thank you for your comment…


  4. I understand your concern over meanings. That’s why my favourite mantra is:
    ‘I’m fanatical about moderation.’

  5. Anthony
    You are a thinker putting thoughts into actions…and I like that.

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