Me…Then You…Then Us…

As tall as any hope can stand, I stand. But there is no reflection in any mirror that I can cast that doesn’t disappear when the lights of appreciation go out, and I am left in a bed breathing alone.

I mix metaphors – call me a bad poet, so be it. But that is the way it is; me wanting to be tall in the light, admired – until the final sigh of escaping breath leaves me at night.

Before I sleep, I reflect on the duties of my day and wonder where did I go. Was I the me I wanted to be…?

A torrent of words, a positive exasperation of expressions, reasons gathered into tidy lists and still a wordpress cat or any picture of a nude woman captures more attention than a man standing tall in front of a “timeless mirror” asking questions…

When I was young I went into a room and stood between two mirrors, each on opposite walls and when I looked into one, I could see into the forever of the other – and when I turned and looked into the other, I could see into its forever as well. Every mirror has its own version of forever. This is quantum, the nature of time – my time here; standing tall with you.


5 responses to “Me…Then You…Then Us…

  1. this is really a great piece

    you turn life’s slang into romantic language, swift and sound

    we’re in a world of mediocrity, sir

    if that

  2. I’ve seen you in that mirror, too.

  3. Muse

    I don’t know how you did it – but your comment is the perfect quantum answer to my post!



  4. i suck!

  5. Dame,

    What ever do you mean?

    Who really understands quantum?

    When is there ever a real need to understand quantum?

    Poets and writers like you get there so much more easily through the use and understanding of metaphor…

    Thank You for your comments and your support….

    So much of what happens on my site is like a quantum answer to yours…


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