Daily Thoughts

What is the difference between a thought and a feeling – a certainty and a belief?


6 responses to “Daily Thoughts

  1. You can feel a thought, but you can’t think a feeling. You can’t be certain of your belief, but you can believe your certainty. Or vice-versa

  2. renaissanceguy

    A thought can be easily expressed in words, but a feeling can only be hinted at. I formulate thoughts but experience feelings.

    Certainty is knowing something. . . because it is self-evident or proven true. There is nothing that I am absolutely certain of, but a few things that I am almost absolutely certain of–close enough to just say that I *am* certain.

    Belief is being reasonably certain of something because of evidence. For example, I believe that my wife has a headache because she is wincing and rubbing her temples.

    (Evidence is important for belief. I don’t subscribe to the notion of “blind faith.”)

    Belief can also mean the principles by which I live. For example, I believe in treating others as I wish to be treated.

  3. Words are hard for me lately so please forgive me if this sounds confused but I believe that feelings come more from our heart and can be harder to put a finger on while thoughts are more coherant.

    (I hope that makes some sense!)

    Peace, love and words.

  4. RG
    Thank you for stopping by, and adding your thoughts.

    Ruby Sbooz
    Thank You for your visit. I hope you return soon.


  5. A thought can be prompted from a feeling, but comes from within. A feeling comes from outside, but can ignite a thought. A certainlty can come from a feeling or a thought, but is usually wrong.
    As for a belief? The above.

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