Daily Thoughts

The only way to redemption is through the door marked remorse – the key to the remorse door is a “change in behavior”. A change in behavior happens when you remember your true nature. Not the one molded within you by institutional others, but the one you were sincerely born with. We were all once sainted children…


6 responses to “Daily Thoughts

  1. “We were all once sainted children.”

    Which is why we grabbed other children’s toys and punched our little brothers and whined at our parents.

  2. RG

    Your response is truly funny…

    Sometimes there is such a difference between
    poetry and reality…


  3. renaissanceguy

    There is a lot of natural goodness in children, no doubt. And they/we are too often corrupted by the environment in which we grow up. For example, I think that children have to be taught to be bigots or haters.

    However, we also have our stubborn and mean streaks–almost from birth.

  4. RG

    Tabula Rasa…or a fully preloaded emotional DNA – That is the question!


  5. renaissanceguy


  6. …But a fully preloaded emotional DNA does lead to some sticky theological questions doesn’t it?

    I mean – Free will vs. Predestination.


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