When one thing leads to another…

  1. Certainty is the biggest impediment to thinking creatively.
  2. Thinking creatively often leads to major problems.
  3. Major problems ensures somebody will start talking about faith.
  4. Talking about faith usually guarantees a heated exchange about values.
  5. An exchange about values  makes at least one side feel small.
  6. When one side feels small they tend to act out passive aggressively.
  7. Those who act out passive aggressively use terrorism instead of reason.
  8. With an impaired reason a leader will incite large and vengeful retributions.
  9. Vengeful retributions means people on both sides die, which tends to equalize the situation.
  10. This situation leads to 2 sides sitting down certain that through talk they can create a viable solution.

6 responses to “When one thing leads to another…

  1. You would think. Yet aren’t the doves really the people who are able to engage in the type of dialogue encouraged by the Great Educators, in the first instance, and are working their hearts out trying to get the hawks to have a empathic discussion. The hawks only go to the table if they see it relevant for their own power and status. They are not considerate of the mice men who they see only as a meal.

  2. renaissanceguy

    “Certainty is the biggest impediment to thinking creatively.”

    Are you certain about that?

    Absolute statements like this one are usually somewhat self-contradictory. (Notice I didn’t state that absolutely!)

    “Those who act out passive agressively use terrorism instead of reason.”

    Terrorism is not very passive.

  3. The seeds of terrorism do start out as passive aggressive actions…little things…that build…that yield very little…frustration leading to anger…all done on the sly…being secretive, becomes a way of life…with a feeling of no obvious power the weak seek bigger ways to bring down the powerful. And then they find something that gets them noticed in ways that nothing they ever tried before did…They exploit fear…And then we the fearfull – (see point 8), and then it just goes on and on…

    And that is the only thing that I am certain of RG – that it goes on and on…


    Note: I in no way support terrorism – it disgusts me to the marrow of my bones…

  4. Thought provoking! I would *tend* to support point #1 {nod to renaissanceguy} and I do think such thoughts lead to other thoughts…which may be different for each of us. I am thinking upon your point #7. Overt violence doesn’t necessarily equate with full-on aggression. P.S. well put, owen, but as I am an optimist at heart, I will choose to believe in #10!

  5. Hello Muse,

    What I am curious about is – does point 10 lead back to point 1?


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