Daily Thoughts

Philanthropy is the redistribution of a Robber Baron’s wealth – an act of charity meant to assuage the guilt of not paying a proper wage to those who helped (with their exertions) the rich person “earn” their wealth in the first place.   


4 responses to “Daily Thoughts

  1. The more philanthropists we have, the more uncharitabel a society is. After all, a truly charitable society would have no need of charities.

  2. Nicely said…

    I agree whole heartily.


  3. renaissanceguy

    What’s a “proper wage”? That’s a serious question.

    I’ll be even more cynical than you. I think most philanthropy in the United States is done as a tax shelter and a way to appear magnanimous rather than to assuage guilt.

  4. No argument here renaissanceguy…I was just trying to get a thinking party started!

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