Daily Thoughts

Pulling at daisy petals – is there a God, is there not a God hastens humanities demise. It prolongs our misery…ants have a better chance at comprehending humans than humans will ever have a chance of comprehending God.

So let God be God (whatever that is) so that you can be human and act accordingly…


5 responses to “Daily Thoughts

  1. yeah, i’m gonna be furious with god when i find out i wasted so much precious time trying to figure that bitch out!



  2. Dame

    Apology accepted.

    We are the small ones making up the big one.
    Ascribing to the big one something of our nature…


  3. renaissanceguy

    I wouldn’t bother pulling the petals. The design of the daisy and my ability to ascribe beauty to it point to a Creator in my mind.

    I agree that people make up gods. That doesn’t mean that one of those gods, or various aspects of different gods might not be true. “Any resembalnce of the characters in this story to real people is coinciental.”

  4. You should change “then” to “than” before “humans will ever have a chance…”

    If you want to be grammatically correct.

    = )

  5. I thank you…I am dyslexic…I catch most of my errors while rewriting.


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