One Day as a Blogger!

  1. Untangle the “real” from the imagined; put the “real” in a box – now you are ready for debate.
  2. Start a blog. Pretend that you know what you are writing about, that what you have in your box is “real” for everybody.
  3. Read your stat counts everyday – make up reasons why other “less relevant” boxes have so much more traffic.
  4. Go back to whats “real” in your box – stretch it out and make it look bigger – give it shoulder pads and a helmet. I mean who knew that it was going to be this hard.
  5. Cause a lot of excitement on other blogs by disagreeing with the “real” that is being proposed in the boxes there.
  6. Go back to your stat counts, blink your eyes a couple of times – hell, refresh your page even. Well look at that, you got a comment to moderate; someone agrees with what is “real ” in your box.
  7. Feel happy for exactly 1 minuet – and then go back to your box, renovating as you go until your box is a great big loud speaker. Now add an amplifier. Listen as you make a lot of loud noises.
  8. Go back to your stats page and see if any one has listened – Dang, only two people heard you, and you were shouting pretty loud too.
  9. Read everything you can about what is in the SEO, Stumbleupon, Technorati, RSS boxes of others.
  10. Resolve to build a better box tomorrow…

2 responses to “One Day as a Blogger!

  1. renaissanceguy

    Truer than I would have admitted, and better than I could have written.

  2. Thank You RG

    I admit I was in one box, moved to another, and have my eye, on still others.


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