Daily Thoughts

Human power is not inherently masculine or feminine – to say of a woman “she has big brass one’s” demeans her natural power as a woman and suggest that the only way she can be thought of as powerful, is when she has gained what is thought to be the source of male power – a part of his anatomy.

It is curious that “power” is thought of as masculine and that there are woman who have dedicated their entire lives to it’s acquisition – are they becoming more male in the process?

It is equally curious that at the same time that woman are seeking greater and greater “power”, men have begun to question their own “power” – are men becoming more and more feminine and losing their ball’s in the process?


2 responses to “Daily Thoughts

  1. ‘…power is holding someone else’s fear in your hand and and showing it to them.’ (amy tan)

  2. …(and knowing that both of you will be OK )…

    Hi Dame

    I am glad for your comments…Amy Tan is such a great writer…Powerful…


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