“Make Believe” is childs play…

I remember being in my backyard.
I was five. It was night, and Christmas
was the incantation.

I searched the skies
wanting to believe I could see
Santa Claus.

Sometimes in school I thought I saw
elves peering over the window ledges
into my classroom.

It was all about magic,
snow sprinkles and
little drummer boys.

I did not know that it was my father
lathered by beer and longing
descending the chimney.

So what to do now after the earthquake
of childhood has made the mysterious

How many sweat lodges, how many poems,
how many miracles – before I’ll believe
in the incredible.


4 responses to ““Make Believe” is childs play…

  1. I don’t know who will write the poetry for man, but I do know that I really like this poem. Perfectly captures the loss of childhood innocence. Well done.

  2. What if the possibility of incredible has already happened? or is happening right now? and you can’t see it because of the blinding snow of your past? Believe…it is your power, it is your right and the power and right of all.

  3. Nice timing Angela –

    I was just starting to despair- wondering if this blog was worth the effort…


  4. renaissanceguy

    It is childish to believe in Santa Claus but childlike to believe in the wonder and power of Christmas.

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