What do I want…

The only worthy question to ask yourself in the morning when you wake up, or just before you go to sleep is “What do I want?” You might as well make it explicit to yourself. You might as well know what everyone around you already knows is true about you. You might as well know that all of your actions are for, and are all about you.

If you are kind, it is because you want to be kind.
If you are mean it is because you want to be mean.

If you have given up, it’s because you have given up.
If you are embracing change, it is you who are embracing change.

You are only ever going to do what you want. Deep inside you know this to be true, but you keep it a secret from yourself don’t you? Its convenient to keep it like a secret isn’t it. Just in case your choices don’t work out and you need a scapegoat to blame the results of your decisions on.

You say to others “I don’t know…I am not sure…” when they ask you what you are going to do. You are good at making it appear like you are just an average person at the effect of events beyond your control. However what you want is very transparent – those wants can be understood by closely looking into the seams of you decisions – your wants can be discerned through an analysis of your actions.

You think “I am just reacting to circumstance – going with the flow”. But you are not just reacting to circumstance are you?

Check it out – inside your mind and your body a million micro calibrations are taking place. Judgments and strategies are being formed based on your past experiences – in other words your constantly making up “choice scenarios”, and calculating benefits vs. consequences; choosing actions that will either protect or promote your own agendas.

You are always doing what you want – here are a few questions to ask yourself

What do I want – what are my hungers?

What will having what I want do for me?

Who am I am acting in service too, by keeping what I want a secret?
Who am I am acting in service too, by doing the same old same old?

If I have what I want now, what past want will I lose?

What stops me from having what I want?



5 responses to “What do I want…

  1. interesting post!

  2. ironic that you should post this today

    true words, sir .. true words.

  3. It’s weird – the parallel- I mean…- isn’t it?

    Be well- and Do What You Want…


  4. Simple ideas, but you’re right, we hide behind so much obfuscation about the simplest things in life. Thanks for the simple thoughts.

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