Now I Have a More Usefel Archive

13 Days

7 Things I can’t Quite Understand…

Monday, after waking changed…

It is said of a man that behind every great one is a woman…

I love it when readers get activated!

Wind Without Words

Just in case you did not know…

Now! Two Poems In One…

Mirrors and Other Illusions…

Wise Cracks

10 things contemporary poets should know about poetry.

Of course! These are non-applicable stereotypes…

People who should get some friends…

Thinking what, while looking in a mirror…

10 Reasons to live

This is not a poem it’s an hallucination…

(”Do you believe that your parents loved each other when you were born?”)

13 questions to ask a soldier?

Are you a poet who wants massive blog traffic?

Ten Things about Nothing

My Personal List of Poetry Assholes.

An Interview With The Word Hate

An Interview With The Word Love


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