Monday, after waking a changed Man

At a door marked enter – the one I am standing in front of – that opens into a world I have not yet lived in – a new world without instructors; you know, the kind that in the last world would have been called mentors – yes, at that door I am afraid to open, that I wonder if I should step exuberantly through or run warily away from.

I say to God or anyone more capable –  remake me remarkable – in that new world let me mold life without the hands of the enfeebled – let them touch and receive touch – If it is not possible to make me one of the ones who makes life bearable, let me at least witness others going about the business of such influence and endeavor.

And then I open this door and a gasp of air suffocates the worlds make believe candles – and I stand in the holiest of places – the threshold between one world and another and I say, damn these old clothes I am wearing, and I say, I am no longer a monkey and suddenly I am able to walk upright again, as if that had been a given truth all along.


3 responses to “Monday, after waking a changed Man

  1. I wish i could make my clothes disappear and be able to walk upright.

    Wait, that didn’t sound right.


  2. “I wish i could make my clothes disappear and be able to walk upright.”

    But you have Dame – and you are doing just fine…Notice that your readers love you…I have read their comments…you are overwhelmingly supported – though you walk with a transparent despair…

  3. Ah gee, thanks poet, that’s mighty kind of you, observations and all.

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