It is said of a man that behind every great one is a woman…

There would be no 1poet4man blog, but for a woman whose initials are V.C. (I call her my woman of Iron and Petal). I met V.C. almost one year ago – we will celebrate our 1 year anniversary on Sep. 2.

Because I am a Poet, and because I love V.C. so much, and because I am a poor man, I began to write poetry for V.C. everyday – I composed a poem a day – one everyday for 40 days. I called theses poems “40 Days of V.C. Song”. I did this twice. The second series of Poems I called “40 Days of Deepening”.

So what started as a daily expression of love for V.C. became Poetman writing an almost daily post on a newly created blog – she is my #1 greatest fan and without her I would be a true pauper. It is to her and for her, that I try so hard to be an honest man of substance – she is the wind into which I point the sail of my poetry.

Thank You V.C. for being such a safe and incredible harbor…

Here is my letter to you Baby.

Dear V,

This is an open letter to you dear one – a public display of my affection for you – something others can read to help them understand just how blessed Poetman really is.

Thank you angel for your good faith in me; no other has stood as tall as you. Belief in, and admiration for, are the gifts that every man longs for from the woman in his life and you are that woman – my Queen – Thank you for finding me.

Angel – Great woman who is stretching into a new life (so full of dramatic changes), these are my wishes for you:

That you can notice – how for all your life – people have smiled at you (admired you), not just because you are beautiful, but because you have the genius of kindness emanating from your sweet gentle heart.

That you continue to understand and utilize your toughness – your Iron – your will – that you swim with your heroes in the vast reservoir of your strength, and that you water the flowers in your garden with the tears of your childhood; growing the petals that you will let rain from your balcony in heaven.

That you never wonder if you are boring, or if you are intelligent; you are twice wise and have already grown into a Queen capable of making decisions about the course of nations.

Please never forget that as a child you were left on the doorstep of a stranger; watching as your mother drove off…never forget that you have the one true gift – to survive the great tragedy of abandonment…and still flourish…and still fill a room with you graciousness.

That you have the depth to inspire with awe – a man called Poetman with vigor…

Your Poetman

Here is one of the poems I wrote for her:

I know a woman – an awesome woman – a strong woman, – a changing woman. Once upon a time she did not dance in a field of laughter; she did not openly cry in the theater of her despair, she had made the decision to speak to the world in a limited and controlled manner.

Still she was magnificent; a goddess with a beautiful smile and sad eyes hiding within the formality of a semi stern face.

I know a woman who wants to be a shaman, a teacher, someone who can explain with capitalized letters the meaning of her choices should she ever desire to speak – to be a person worthy of being listened to. To be a woman exuding sensuous perfume at the peak of an exquisite shudder.

Now lights sparkle on her white skin and the desert of her hiding blooms with the colors of a thousand unknown and still to be discovered flowers.

I know this woman – I don’t know this woman! She is teaching me about herself everyday. Today I learned that she is not only a girl, but a woman with the vigor of someone knowing what she wants; a slight distance away from a new kind of completion; someone who wants to be held firmly so that she can finally let go.

So laugh little girl, your womaness is here – all of your dreams are happening – just like you have always wanted from “your” once upon a time beginning.


One response to “It is said of a man that behind every great one is a woman…

  1. I thought this morning…………. You know what’s wonderful?
    It’s wonderful that every morning when I awake………My first thoughts are of you. ….
    It’s also wonderful that every night before I go to sleep………My last thoughts are of you.
    It’s also wonderful that when I’m feeling sad, lonely or confused……….I think of you and my sadness, and my loneliness and my confusion, are then bearable.
    I think about you My Darling, from Morning until Night with love and affection. With pride and admiration, and I bless each day that I have you and your love. You’re remarkable.
    I Love you Poetman.
    Your Greatest Fan…………..forever

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