I love it when readers get activated!

I just wish this one had something to say!

The following is a comment left by a reader about one of my post.

I am still undecided if I will blast him – or let him go on his merry but ignorant way…

Here is what he wrote:

poets who waste their wisdom ranting about the futility of others’ poetry are wasting everyone’s time.poets who voice their twisted opinions about expression fail to comprehend the basic fact of poetry and all of humanity-a need to release what is held inside.

not all poetry has to save the world. not all wise men have to believe in a greater good for humanity. some people just like to live. some people like to help others. a few, like you and myself, would like to help the world. but the difference between us seems to be that i understand the complacent side of humanity. let the poets write about their feelings. let them state their opinions about useless things. let them boggle their own minds with grammar. let them be themselves. not all people think lke you do. let that be a lesson.


3 responses to “I love it when readers get activated!

  1. abunchofwordz

    I find it pretty amusing that a comment starting with “poets who waste their wisdom ranting about the futility of others’” would then be followed by that person ranting about what you had to say. If it’s such a waste of time, why is he/she doing it to you? If people are entitled to write crappy poetry, I think you should be entitled to rant about it.

  2. Thank You Very Much –

  3. Blast that mofo.

    Oops. Just kidding.

    Not really, though.

    Blast the rhyme and reason right out of ’em.

    Okay, i’m leaving.

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