Wise Cracks

All cracks are make believe.
There never washasbeen a vessel
made to contain life –

how absurd in an every thing
is as it ever was and ever shall be

It is like it was.
It is like it is.
It is like it will be….simultaneously…

We are the living;
tricked by desire demons
into wanting containers –

and gods watch crying,
as we wait in lack lines wailing
for abundance.

Eagles ponder our lassitude
and our fidgeting with feathers,
what was cracked was our reckoning.

Tikkun (restoration)
is remembering what we have
forgotten. Not in creating seams in the seamless.


Tikkun: According to the Jewish mystical system known as Lurianic Kabbalah, the creation of the universe by God was unstable, and the early universe, represented figuratively by a glass or pottery vessel, could not contain the holy light of God and shattered into shards. Consequently, according to the Kabbalists, the universe that we know is literally broken and in need of repair. According to this belief, by following halakha (Jewish religious law) and performing mitzvot (fulfilling commandments or performing good deeds) people help to repair the broken shards of the universe through their deeds. Therefore, the Kabbalists teach, through her or his actions each person can participate in tikkun olam, literally repairing the universe, and humanity is a partner in God’s creation.

Poetman Note: I am not a student of the Kabbala


4 responses to “Wise Cracks

  1. renaissanceguy

    Brilliant. I love the religious allusions. Thanks for making me feel and think deeply.

  2. yes, how true. no broken vessels anymore for me… thanks for your writing… and more important than that, your thoughts…

  3. Thank You Renaissanceguy….

    Thank You bunnyblu….

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