Of course! These are non-applicable stereotypes…

It might have been forever that the king and queen
lay there – shadows playing silhouettes on pillows –
peasants  traveling rickety roads to find them floating
within their stone oasis – out of a commoners reach,
above the world.

The queen smiles at the king like a woman confident
she will produce heirs and the king smiles back confident
that he can protect her – the walls of the castle are tattooed
with portraits hanging like doubts – smiling at anyone
born to rule the kingdom of their fears.

As younger sires, everything seemed so possible – until
a prince is sent on a journey to find a trinket to trade for
love, or a princess’s beauty gets poisoned by a step-mother’s
apple, and then only through the intersession of a mage or
an old woman is the day ever saved.

Then there is the inevitable happy ending – women weeping
while waving flags and men marching back from victorious
battles – angels making sleepy music – everyone entering or
being caught up into a dream of impending happiness – waking
like different people, all finally getting along…


4 responses to “Of course! These are non-applicable stereotypes…

  1. sweet.

    your stuff has become my prozac, and mucho thanks for that, doc.

  2. Thank You for you support – as you know, this blogging thing is lot of work and it is nice to know that there are others who like what is produced by the effort.

  3. renaissanceguy


    Do you mean to say “poison” or “poinsoned”?

  4. renaissanceguy I did mean poisoned not poison…Thanks for your editing…

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