People who should get some friends…

  1. Anyone who is bored and who bores others with all the boring things they might someday do.
  2. Anyone who drinks at home because it’s cheaper then going out dancing, laughing and talking with others.
  3. Anyone who picks a fight with someone they love because they have not found a better way to touch or to be touched, unless it’s with a fist to a chin.
  4. Anyone who farts in a crowd and continues to walk nonchalantly or worse blames its smell on you.
  5. Anyone who marries as a way of earning money, gaining status, or because a time clock is ticking.
  6. Anyone who brags about someone special that they met only once, and attempts to be special by association.
  7. Anyone who is a serial dieter – who claims “they don’t eat much”, or who has tried the popcorn diet – and is still heavy.
  8. Anyone who has to interrupt a social engagement in order to get home because a certain show is on television.
  9. Anyone who has been personally saved by religion (after a long life of causing other people pain) and who now needs you to be saved as well.
  10. Anyone who joins the Army or the French Foreign Legion as a way of seeing the world and being all they can be.

4 responses to “People who should get some friends…

  1. Truer words have never been typed, mister.

    They all made me cower and cringe a little, but number 8 touched a part of me that ought not be fondled. I’m not sure it even has a name, but it does render me black-out dangerous with resentment toward our species.

    Fine thoughts, as always.

  2. renaissanceguy

    How about people who tell you about their famous and not-so-famous ancestors?

  3. renaissanceguy it is sort of the same thing – but a little different…

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