Thinking what, while looking in a mirror…


How to rid myself of the pedagogue father
speaking in my ear; how to be sublime while
naked – what to do with the imps in my head;
these are my questions – am I a contender,
a spiral baby, or a delicious piece of candy?

Once I was doll parts waiting for a piece of
string to cinch me together again – God could
have been that simple of an ideology. But I
have undone faiths knot of quandary and it
will be difficult to tie me up like that again.

So much in life is like trance, hypnosis, or
seduction. Will it ever be safe enough with so
many sirens startling hearts by their profusion?
Each day is a practice in remembering who I am,
what I want, where I might be going.


I am rain. I am shine. I am milk. I am gold.
I am word man. I am warrior strong and library
smart; the giant in the parade – the soft
underbelly of sensuality. Hear me coo, feel me
vibrate, watch me dance to a conclusion.

I am an outstretched hand, a peace negotiator;
I am the morning fresh with dew – the afternoon
bright with sun, an evening mischievous with
laughter – I remember everything I have ever
been or done.

I am radiant like a jewel, firm like a decision;
holy without regret. I am Job healing from god
wounds; a hermit taking off his alone clothes to
make love with destinies daughter; a child grown
up; a master finding home.


6 responses to “Thinking what, while looking in a mirror…

  1. that was beautiful .. if you like middle eastern poems i have posted one of my favorite poems (translated in English) on my blogs which are by Pakistani and Arab poets which i truly believe are truly a piece of art.

  2. This is amazing.

    I know i’m risking redundancy here, but your talent is really just phenomenal.

    It’s always a pleasure.

  3. God, you are good.

    Don’t even risk this stuff up dude. Go real. You’re beyond good.
    You’re significant.
    Go live man.
    If you’re not already.

  4. Thank You Gorilla Guy,

    Please be so kind as to explain –

    What am I risking?

    What does “go live” and “go real” mean?


  5. renaissanceguy


  6. Really nice site you have here. I’ve been reading for a while but this
    post made me want to say 2 thumbs up. Keep up the great work.

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