This is not a poem it’s an hallucination..

Subtitled – who are our poetry heroes.

Baudelaire and Sexton attended
a party of Ginsberg love slaves
trying to understand how to stand
at erudite attention, look elegant,and
still fit in.

Plath the fall a part girl suppressed
giggles and resisted her one or two
chanteuse urges to swoon lazy listeners
with songs about her love of appliances
in kitchens.

Whitman the only happy man there
refused to take his hat off, you see his
one weakness was vanity, he did not want
Emily to see his bald spot, and besides he
thought its brim made him sexy.

Elliot the anti romantic, pounded a
bongo while Kaufman read the only
real poetry heard that evening. When
Bob was finished, he started crying and
was never heard to speak again.

The fat boy, the man with the one great
poem howled as grapes were tossed into his
mouth and lips were pressed to his skin,
that we should séance into meditation
while eyeing pretty boys for predation…


9 responses to “This is not a poem it’s an hallucination..

  1. Hey poetman, is this yours? It’s got something big in it.

  2. Yes phantomcity

    This is mine…

    Whats big in it?


  3. poetman, this isn’t a hallucination, it’s a masterpiece.

    awesome, my friend, simply awesome.

  4. Thank You damewiggy your comments are much appreciated…
    Also thank you for adding me to your blogroll…

  5. my pleasure, sir.

    your writing’s fab. truly.

  6. You’re special poetman.
    Completely and irrevocably.
    Thank you for sharing this stuff wth the rest of us.
    I’m hooked.
    Don’t worry, I’m straight.
    I just appreciate great writing.
    You’re it, my man.

  7. (straight, my ass!)

    oops, sorry. hijack.

  8. renaissanceguy

    Reminds me of a poem by Ginsburg about meeting Walt Whitman at a grocery store. do you know it?

  9. renaissanceguy – I do know that poem – how does my poem remind you of Ginsberg’s poem….

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