(“Do you believe that your parents loved each other when you were born?”)

Dear Kim,

All creation is born of love… All that is born – is born as result of that love… 

Yes all creation…! 

Two equal-opposites first attract, and then unite… 

Whether they are “equals” or “dissymmetric complementarities” hardly matters, the fact is that they do unite and in uniting the distinctions about their mass, or size, become red herrings, designed to divert attention from the bigger inquiry -“When will I feel love?” 

…and at the point of that unity, because a one can not exist or replicate without an other, they are equal. 

Truly unequal partners never stay together – they drift apart – usually rapidly – it’s a sort of universal law. 

Children recognize this in ways that are not always apparent to their warring parents – who are chained to hierarchal expressions desperate to blame their own individual actions as the innocent, and normal reactions to the actions of an other. 

And because children recognize the love in the system; the love not recognized by their parents – they will agree as children to spend a life time rationalizing that the “love” was just not there – or they will become addicted to proving that it was, or they will take on the entire responsibility for the failures in the parents relationship; saying “it must be my fault”. 

…of course there are other alternatives… 




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