Are you a poet who wants massive blog traffic?

Sorry you don’t stand a chance unless you…

  1. Cut and paste geek jargon from smarter people’s tech sites and call it your own.
  2. Post anything about sex even if you haven’t had any for a long time.
  3. Humor and patronize Christian Zealots for they know not what they do.
  4. Have something called a facebook that others can digg.
  5. Talk bad about Muslims.
  6. Post some SEO advice.
  7. Give money away for Free.
  8. Write about rich people.
  9. Post pictures of cats which are cute and funny.
  10. Become a poetry prophet

I wish I had better news, but I don’t….



6 responses to “Are you a poet who wants massive blog traffic?

  1. Gee thanks!
    The truth really hurts you know!

    There is one other way, however, to get an audience, join a Poetry Board such as “The Poet Sanctuary Poetry Forum” ( you’ll have lots of people reading your poetry and you’ll have lots to read.

  2. I’m still trying to figure this one out. After you’re on wordpress for awhile, you do end up finding a small group you mesh with…sadly enough, even they tend to disappear on you for weeks on end. I agree though. And I wrote this post once about the gruesome murder of a young child by a convicted child molestor (repeat offender) and that post got a lot of attention. It disturbed me so much I ended up deleting it.

    I’ve gotten a smile from your pages.
    Good stuff here.

  3. Or you can join in a community like Sunday Scribblings (though not all there are poets) or the sadly defunct Poetry Thursday. In these kind of communities, if you read other people’s work and comment on them they will certainly return the compliment.

  4. Kkrbaker – Thank you for the smile and compliment – this blog thing is new to me…I can see how it may be easy to burn out…daily maintenance and writing and commenting and all…

    Craftygreenpoet – thanks for coming – what and where is Sunday Scribblings…?


  5. poseidonsmuse

    I can add one “biggie” to this list Poetman…

    Smiley faces.

    People can’t get enough of them…they flock in droves to my site for them daily…[I posted one thing about smiley faces and that shot my hits up by one-hundred hits/day].

    Smiley face insanity.

  6. Where o where is your site…add your site to your comments and then others can see your smiles…by the way do you smile with your mouth opened or closed…? I can’t tell from here.


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