Ten Things about Nothing

When so much is being done -10’s of billions of actions wanting to accomplish something, it is certain that nothing is being accomplished which ironically has the effect of an everything being created.

  1. Nothing’s Blog
  2. Wikipedia Has Lots to Say About Nothing
  3. Watch apocalytica play a song about somewhere around nothing
  4. Paris Hilton quotes about nothing.
  5. The first know nothing politicians brave enough to admit it.
  6. “Nothing” the magazine.
  7. Sharing nothing with your computer.
  8. When you want to go nowhere and see nothing.
  9. How to buy nothing.
  10. Should nothing concern me?




6 responses to “Ten Things about Nothing

  1. interesting…….

  2. Nothing is interesting! And from that frame follows an inquiry about everything…

  3. I’m glad to see that both the nothing educational site and blog made this list. Although, everyone knows that 2 times nothing is still nothing.

  4. Xymyl

    Actually that’s not quite true, the entire problem of duality began when nothing had the audacity to look at itself – and hence we have talked about nothing ever since.


  5. Hmmm…Much Ado About Nothing?

    This is a very nifty list.

  6. Thank You

    I have tried to make “much ado about nothing”.

    However I am only smart enough to cover this topic
    a smidgen.


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