13 Days

Day 6

now might be the perfect time to remember our promises:

glass, wood, and string
bound together without an
architect –

one hot mess
hung by a nail on
the back door of our totality –

but that’s not what we pretend.
no, we act like its “all right”
as if everything proceeds as planned –

that we are not worried; not
noticing that wood tensions tend to
ache towards splinters.

we are the watched and the watching.
everything we do is observed by
ourselves or others.

yet we swear we have not been seen,
much less heard. that’s why we can’t
stop complaining.

most of us are excited though –
because we believe in the
redemption of reincarnation

that’s the belief that no matter how bad
we screw up now, we’ll get to come back
later if we promise to try a wee bit harder.


One response to “13 Days

  1. Reincarnation is not something to look forward to. It is something to dread. Have you seen this world we live in?

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