An Interview With The Word Love

I became a poet because words, the way we use them, are by themselves utter failures as explanations. I needed something better, and that is when I discovered that words are metaphor sound containers wanting to be opened and interviewed.

So I called up the word Love, and set up an interview. Love arrived late of course. Here is an excerpt from our little discussion.

Poetman: “So Love, tell me a little about yourself.”

Love: “Well first of all I do not have a self, for I am everything and nothing. I am the vastness, I am the emptiness, I am anger, I am joy, and I am life. I don’t have a self to tell you all about.”

Poetman: “What motivates you?”

Love: “There is no “I” in me; no “you”; I use the word “I” loosely – so that you will understand me more fully. I have no internal reference. I am driven by a multiplicity of external forces. I am called upon to act as an explanation for every human impulse.”

Poetman: “Sounds like a big job”.

Love: “Well, thanks for noticing. Yes it is a big job and a thankless one most days. I am blamed or praised by all the worlds’ people depending on what effects they can ascribe to my actions. Actions which I have already explained never came from me in the first place.”

Poetman: “So Love, I have this theory that words are sound containers, what is love a sound container for?”

Love: “Do you want the long answer, or the short answer?”

Poetman: “Well due to space limitations, the short one.”

Love: “Ok. Love is the sound container for hope, and hope is the sound container for belonging, and belonging is the sound container for place.”

“When people have a place to stand or fall which they can call their own, they then can know love.”

“And when they have this place, then they can invite someone else into it, and this they call being in a relationship.”

“Relationship is the avoidance of death. Relationship is the ultimate defiance of death, proving to one and all that the “lover” exists because they are a reference point to an “other”.”

Stay tuned readers; Poetman will write more about words as sound containers sometime in the near future.


2 responses to “An Interview With The Word Love

  1. Hmmmm…this is beautiful. I like this approach a bit better than the angry most-recent post about how you can’t get blog traffic unless you do x.y,z. You have some advanced ideas here. Just keep building on that and the people will come to you.

  2. Thank you.
    This piece is part of a series.
    There is more to follow.

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