13 Days

Day 3

How did we forget that plans, schedules,
and loyalties are temporary – that in a quantum
world arithmetic is chicken scratch and fable…?

In our hands – between us – we sincerely made god.
How did our creation become an addiction to mad
scribbles, church building and prayer codifications?

Day 3 ½

There is no such thing as the “glory of god”. There is only
the rudeness of our arrogance and the supposition that
we as investigators have the capacity to define omnipotence.

…go now to the river, and give Charon the pleasure of your penny.


One response to “13 Days

  1. What a writer you are.

    Think about submitting something to The Blue Road Reader for its next book publication, which will be coming out in a few months’ time. see blueroadpress.com

    And, no, I don’t own the press. I just know it’s a new work that highlights new writers of prose, poetry, fiction, non-fiction and its first book, just released at B & N, is fantastic.

    Keep writing. It’s your gift.

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